A textbook for ECDIS Use and Training 

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The Electronic Chart; Fundamentals, Functions Data and Other Essentials

Digital navigation has recently passed a significant waypoint: The majority of all vessels on international trade routes now sail with ECDIS. Mariners on-board of ships carrying an ECDIS are required to take and pass certified ECDIS training courses. This book describes the fundamentals for the development of ECDIS and for proper use of its potential, functions and limitations as well as where ECDIS training can be achieved and how training should be organised. In short, the reader will find:

  • fundamentals and the technical and legal background of ECDIS and chart data,
  • general guidance on ECDIS use and good practice as well as
  • general guidance on training and certification.

All information is based on the most recent standards of the IHO and IMO.



With this book, access is provided to ECDIS demo software supplied by the ECDIS manufacturer ChartWorld. The demo software is based on the ChartWorld eGlobe G2 ECDIS and provides almost all functionality of the type approved orignial. The purpose of the demo software is to allow the reader to work with a straightforward user interface and try out and see first-hand the main ECDIS functions described in the book The Electronic Chart. Check Chapter 18 of the book for technical requirements to run this demo software on your computer. You will also find a short description of how to start using the ChartWorld eGlobe G2 Demo in the same chapter.

On the inside cover of your book you will find a unique code. Please enter this code, together with some personal details, in the contact box below to receive your own demo software.

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As the maritime world is contiuously changing, STC Publishing always keeps an eye on innovation, new regulations and technology in order to stay on top of the latest developments and incorporate these in our publications. In addition, we develop innovative tools, such as e-learning, 3D videos, and Augment Reality to facilitate our customers in their learning process.

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